collector Definition

  • 1a person or thing that collects things of a specified type, professionally or as a hobby
  • 2a device for collecting something, especially solar radiation

Using collector: Examples

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    He is an avid collector of rare books.

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    The museum has an impressive collection of art, thanks to its dedicated collectors.

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    The solar panels have a collector that absorbs the sun's energy.

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    The vacuum cleaner has a dust collector that traps dirt and debris.

collector Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with collector

  • a person or company whose job is to collect debts owed by individuals or businesses


    The debt collector called several times a day, demanding payment for the overdue bills.

  • a person or vehicle responsible for collecting and removing garbage from homes and public areas


    The garbage collector comes every Tuesday to pick up our trash.

  • a person who collects postage stamps as a hobby


    My grandfather was an avid stamp collector, and he had albums filled with rare and valuable stamps.

Origins of collector

from Latin 'collect-' meaning 'gathered together'


Summary: collector in Brief

A 'collector' [kษ™หˆlษ›ktษ™r] refers to a person or thing that gathers or accumulates things of a specific type, either professionally or as a hobby. Examples include book collectors, art collectors, and stamp collectors. It can also refer to a device that collects something, such as solar radiation or dust in a vacuum cleaner.