combustible Definition

  • 1able to catch fire and burn easily
  • 2likely to cause a fire

Using combustible: Examples

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    The warehouse contained combustible materials.

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    Gasoline is highly combustible.

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    The building was deemed unsafe due to its combustible structure.

combustible Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with combustible

  • an engine that uses fuel to create power through combustion


    Most cars today use combustible engines.

  • a liquid that can easily catch fire and burn


    Gasoline and alcohol are examples of combustible liquids.

  • a material that can easily catch fire and burn


    Wood, paper, and cloth are examples of combustible materials.

Origins of combustible

from Latin 'combustibilis', from 'combustus' meaning 'burned up'


Summary: combustible in Brief

The term 'combustible' [kəmˈbʌstəbl] describes something that can easily catch fire and burn, or is likely to cause a fire. It can refer to materials, structures, or substances, such as gasoline. 'Combustible' is often used in technical contexts, such as 'combustible engine,' 'combustible liquid,' and 'combustible material.'

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