compatibility Definition

  • 1the state of being able to exist or work together without problems or conflict
  • 2the ability of a computer system to run software designed for another operating system or platform

Using compatibility: Examples

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    Their compatibility as roommates was impressive.

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    The couple's compatibility was evident in their shared interests and values.

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    This software has high compatibility with various operating systems.

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    The new printer is not compatible with my old computer.

compatibility Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for compatibility

Phrases with compatibility

  • a test to determine whether two people are suitable for each other, often used in romantic relationships


    They took a compatibility test before deciding to get married.

  • a feature in software that allows it to run on an operating system or platform for which it was not originally designed


    I had to switch to compatibility mode to run this program on my new computer.

  • cross-compatibility

    the ability of different systems or devices to work together seamlessly


    The new phone has cross-compatibility with various smartwatches and fitness trackers.

Origins of compatibility

from Late Latin 'compatibilitas', from Latin 'compatibilis', meaning 'able to coexist'


Summary: compatibility in Brief

Compatibility [kəmˌpætəˈbɪləti] refers to the ability of things to exist or work together without problems or conflict. It can refer to interpersonal relationships, as in 'Their compatibility as roommates was impressive,' or to technology, as in 'This software has high compatibility with various operating systems.' Phrases like 'compatibility test' and 'compatibility mode' extend the concept into specific contexts.