conceptual Definition

  • 1relating to or based on mental concepts
  • 2abstract or theoretical rather than concrete and practical

Using conceptual: Examples

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    The artist's work is highly conceptual, often exploring abstract ideas.

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    The new product is still in the conceptual stage and has not yet been developed.

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    The book presents a conceptual framework for understanding social inequality.

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    The course focuses on the conceptual foundations of mathematics.

conceptual Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with conceptual

  • an art form in which the idea presented by the artist is considered more important than the finished product


    The museum features an exhibit of conceptual art from the 1960s.

  • a structure that outlines and organizes ideas and concepts related to a particular topic or field


    The report provides a conceptual framework for understanding the impact of climate change on agriculture.

  • a simplified representation of a complex system or process used to aid in understanding or decision-making


    The researchers developed a conceptual model to explain the relationship between stress and health outcomes.

Origins of conceptual

from Latin 'conceptus', meaning 'conception'


Summary: conceptual in Brief

The term 'conceptual' [kənˈsɛptʃuəl] refers to mental concepts, abstract or theoretical ideas, and is often used in the context of art, design, and academic fields. It is the opposite of concrete and practical, and can be seen in phrases like 'conceptual art,' where the idea is more important than the finished product, and 'conceptual framework,' which outlines ideas related to a particular topic.