conspicuous Definition

  • 1easily seen or noticed; readily visible or observable
  • 2attracting special attention, as by outstanding qualities or eccentricities

Using conspicuous: Examples

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  • Example

    The car was painted in a conspicuous shade of bright pink.

  • Example

    He tried to be inconspicuous, but his height made him stand out.

  • Example

    Her conspicuous absence from the meeting was noted by everyone.

conspicuous Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for conspicuous

Phrases with conspicuous

  • the spending of money on and the acquiring of luxury goods and services to publicly display economic power


    The wealthy businessman's conspicuous consumption included a private jet, a yacht, and a fleet of expensive cars.

  • very noticeable because someone or something is missing or absent


    The CEO was conspicuous by his absence at the company's annual meeting.

  • an act of bravery that is highly visible and attracts attention


    The soldier was awarded a medal for his conspicuous gallantry in battle.

Origins of conspicuous

from Latin 'conspicuus', meaning 'visible'


Summary: conspicuous in Brief

The term 'conspicuous' [kənˈspɪkjuəs] refers to something that is easily seen or noticed, attracting special attention. It can describe anything from a brightly colored car to a person's absence from a meeting. The phrase 'conspicuous consumption' refers to the spending of money on luxury goods to display economic power, while 'conspicuous gallantry' describes an act of bravery that is highly visible.