constancy Definition

  • 1the quality of staying the same, not changing
  • 2the quality of being loyal and having strong feelings or beliefs about something

Using constancy: Examples

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    The constancy of his love for her never wavered.

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    The constancy of the North Star makes it useful for navigation.

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    Her constancy to her beliefs was admirable.

constancy Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for constancy

Antonyms for constancy

Phrases with constancy

  • in constant use

    used very frequently or regularly


    The old typewriter was in constant use until it finally broke down.

  • constant companion

    a person or thing that is always present and provides support or companionship


    Her dog was her constant companion during her illness.

  • constant source of worry

    something that causes anxiety or concern on a regular basis


    His health had become a constant source of worry for his family.

Origins of constancy

from Latin 'constantia', meaning 'steadfastness'


Summary: constancy in Brief

The term 'constancy' [ˈkɑːnstənsi] refers to the quality of staying the same or being loyal and dedicated. It can describe the unchanging nature of things like the North Star, or the steadfastness of a person's love or beliefs. Phrases like 'in constant use' and 'constant companion' highlight the regularity and reliability of something or someone.