consultant Definition

  • 1a person who provides expert advice professionally
  • 2a person who is hired to solve problems or to give advice about a particular subject

Using consultant: Examples

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    She works as a consultant for a large accounting firm.

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    The company hired a consultant to help with their marketing strategy.

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    He is a consultant in the field of renewable energy.

consultant Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for consultant

Idioms Using consultant

  • a person who provides expert advice to a particular person or organization


    He was a consultant to the government on environmental policy.

  • a consultant who is brought in to solve a specific problem or complete a specific project


    The company brought in a hired gun to help with their restructuring.

  • a consultant who works on a freelance basis rather than being employed by a company


    She works as an independent contractor, providing consulting services to a variety of clients.

Phrases with consultant

  • a professional who advises businesses on how to improve their performance and efficiency


    The management consultant recommended several changes to the company's operations.

  • a professional who advises businesses on how to use information technology to achieve their goals


    The IT consultant helped the company upgrade their computer systems.

  • a professional who advises individuals or businesses on financial matters


    The financial consultant helped the couple plan for their retirement.

Origins of consultant

from Latin 'consultare', meaning 'to deliberate'


Summary: consultant in Brief

A 'consultant' [kənˈsʌltənt] is a professional who provides expert advice or solutions to individuals or organizations. They are often hired to solve specific problems or provide advice on a particular subject, such as management, IT, or finance. 'Consultant' is synonymous with 'adviser,' 'counselor,' 'expert,' 'specialist,' and 'professional.'

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