contributor Definition

a person or thing that contributes something, especially money.

Using contributor: Examples

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    She was a major contributor to the charity.

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    The company is one of the largest contributors to the local economy.

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    He is a regular contributor to the magazine.

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    The government is a significant contributor to the project.

contributor Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with contributor

  • a circumstance or event that contributes to a result or outcome


    The lack of sleep was a contributing factor to his poor performance.

  • a journalist or writer who contributes articles or content to a publication on a regular basis but is not a full-time employee


    She is a contributing editor for the fashion magazine.

  • a person who regularly contributes time, effort, or resources to an organization or cause


    She is a contributing member of the local community center.


Summary: contributor in Brief

A 'contributor' [kənˈtrɪbjʊtə(r)] is a person or thing that provides something, usually money, to a cause or project. It can also refer to someone who regularly provides content or articles to a publication. Phrases like 'contributing factor' describe a circumstance that contributes to a result, while 'contributing member' refers to someone who regularly contributes to an organization or cause.