member Definition

  • 1a person or organization belonging to a group or team
  • 2a part of a whole

Using member: Examples

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    He is a member of the local chess club.

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    The company has over 500 members worldwide.

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    She is the newest member of the team.

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    The heart is a vital member of the human body.

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Idioms Using member

  • card-carrying member

    a person who is an official and active member of a particular organization or political party


    He's been a card-carrying member of the Democratic Party for over 20 years.

  • a person who pays dues or fees to belong to a particular organization or club


    Only paying members are allowed to use the gym facilities.

  • a person who is part of a group working together to achieve a common goal


    Each team member has a specific role to play in the project.

Phrases with member

  • an elected representative of the people in a parliament


    The member of parliament for this district is retiring next year.

  • a person related to another by blood or marriage


    She is a distant member of our family, but we still keep in touch.

  • a religious leader or minister


    The member of the clergy presided over the wedding ceremony.

Origins of member

from Latin 'membrum', meaning 'limb'


Summary: member in Brief

The term 'member' [ˈmɛmbər] refers to a person or organization belonging to a group or team, or a part of a whole. It can be used to describe a person's affiliation with a club, team, or political party, as well as a component of a larger entity, such as 'The heart is a vital member of the human body.' Idioms like 'card-carrying member' and 'paying member' denote official membership, while 'team member' refers to a person working towards a common goal.

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