contributory Definition

  • 1playing a part in bringing something about
  • 2giving money or help towards something

Using contributory: Examples

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    The company's success was contributory to the hard work of its employees.

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    The government provided contributory pensions for its citizens.

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    Her contributory efforts were recognized by the organization.

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    The team's contributory efforts led to their victory.

contributory Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with contributory

  • a legal term that refers to a situation where the plaintiff's own negligence contributed to the harm they suffered, reducing the damages they can recover from the defendant


    The court found that the plaintiff's contributory negligence was a factor in the accident and reduced the damages awarded.

  • a retirement plan in which both the employer and employee contribute funds


    The company offers a contributory plan to its employees to help them save for retirement.

  • factors that play a role in causing or contributing to a particular outcome or event


    The report identified several contributory factors that led to the failure of the project.


Summary: contributory in Brief

The term 'contributory' [kənˈtrɪbjʊtəri] describes something that plays a part in bringing about a result or gives money or help towards something. It is often used in the context of teamwork and financial contributions, as in 'The team's contributory efforts led to their victory.' 'Contributory' also appears in phrases like 'contributory negligence,' referring to a legal term, and 'contributory plan,' referring to a retirement plan.