corps Definition

  • 1a group of people who work together, especially one that is connected with the army or navy
  • 2an organized branch of a particular activity or profession

Using corps: Examples

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  • Example

    The Marine Corps is a branch of the United States Armed Forces.

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    He joined the Peace Corps after college.

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    The medical corps was sent to assist in the disaster area.

  • Example

    The press corps was waiting outside the courthouse for the verdict.

corps Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with corps

  • the dancers in a ballet company who dance as a group and not as soloists


    The corps de ballet performed beautifully in the Nutcracker.

  • the diplomatic representatives stationed in a foreign capital


    The ambassador met with members of the corps diplomatique to discuss the crisis.

  • corps studentesque

    the student body of a school or university


    The corps studentesque at Harvard is known for its academic excellence.

Origins of corps

from Old French 'cors', meaning 'body'


Summary: corps in Brief

The term 'corps' [kɔːr] refers to a group of people working together, often in the military or a specific profession. Examples include the Marine Corps, Peace Corps, and medical corps. The phrase 'corps de ballet' refers to a group of dancers in a ballet company, while 'corps diplomatique' refers to diplomatic representatives in a foreign capital. 'Corps' is a formal term for a unit or branch.

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