corrosive Definition

  • 1tending to cause corrosion; having the ability to eat away or destroy gradually by chemical action
  • 2sarcastic and caustic in tone

Using corrosive: Examples

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  • Example

    The corrosive acid ate through the metal pipes.

  • Example

    His words were corrosive and hurtful.

  • Example

    The corrosive effect of pollution on the environment is a growing concern.

corrosive Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with corrosive

  • a chemical that can cause corrosion or erosion of materials


    Be sure to wear gloves when handling corrosive substances.

  • humor that is biting, sarcastic, or caustic


    His corrosive humor made everyone uncomfortable.

  • the gradual damage or destruction caused by a corrosive substance or agent


    The corrosive effect of saltwater on metal is well-known.


Summary: corrosive in Brief

The term 'corrosive' [kəˈrəʊsɪv] refers to something that has the ability to eat away or destroy gradually by chemical action, such as a corrosive acid. It can also describe a sarcastic and caustic tone, as in 'His words were corrosive and hurtful.' The term has related phrases like 'corrosive substance' and 'corrosive humor,' and formal synonyms like 'caustic' and 'destructive.'