council Definition

  • 1a group of people who are elected or chosen to make decisions or give advice about a particular subject, activity, or area of government
  • 2a local government organization in the UK

Using council: Examples

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    The council has decided to increase taxes.

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    The council is responsible for maintaining the parks and public spaces.

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    The council meeting was adjourned until next week.

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    The council members voted unanimously on the proposal.

council Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for council

Idioms Using council

  • to bring a matter or issue to a group of people for discussion or decision-making


    We need to take this proposal to council before we can move forward.

  • to be outside of the group or organization that makes decisions or gives advice


    He left the company and is now out of council.

  • to keep quiet or keep one's thoughts to oneself


    She decided to keep council about her plans until she had more information.

Phrases with council

  • a group of elected officials responsible for governing a city or town


    The city council approved the new development project.

  • council of ministers

    a group of high-ranking officials who advise or make decisions for a government


    The council of ministers met to discuss the economic situation.

  • a house owned by a local government and rented to people with low incomes


    She grew up in a council house in the suburbs.

Origins of council

from Old French 'conseil', meaning 'advice'


Summary: council in Brief

The term 'council' [ˈkaʊnsəl] refers to a group of elected or appointed individuals who make decisions or give advice about a specific subject or area of government. It can also refer to a local government organization in the UK. Examples include 'The council has decided to increase taxes' and 'The council meeting was adjourned until next week.' Phrases like 'city council' and idioms like 'to take something to council' are also common.

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