counterfeit Definition

  • 1made to look like the original of something, usually for dishonest or illegal purposes
  • 2not genuine; fake or false

Using counterfeit: Examples

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  • Example

    The police seized a large quantity of counterfeit banknotes.

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    She was accused of selling counterfeit designer handbags.

  • Example

    The painting was discovered to be a counterfeit.

counterfeit Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with counterfeit

  • fake currency that is made to look like real money


    The cashier was trained to spot counterfeit money.

  • products that are made to look like genuine items but are actually fake


    The market was flooded with counterfeit goods.

  • a forced or insincere smile


    She put on a counterfeit smile and pretended everything was fine.

Origins of counterfeit

from Middle English 'countrefeten', meaning 'imitate'


Summary: counterfeit in Brief

The term 'counterfeit' [ˈkaʊntəfɪt] refers to something that is made to look like the original, usually for dishonest or illegal purposes. It can describe fake or false items, such as counterfeit money or counterfeit goods. 'Counterfeit' can also be used to describe a forced or insincere smile.

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