countless Definition

too many to be counted; very many.

Using countless: Examples

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    There are countless stars in the universe.

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    She has received countless awards for her work.

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    The number of books he has read is countless.

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    I have had countless conversations with him.

countless Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with countless

  • countless hours

    a large amount of time that cannot be measured or counted


    He spent countless hours working on his thesis.

  • countless possibilities

    an infinite number of potential outcomes or options


    The future holds countless possibilities for us.

  • an unquantifiable number of occurrences


    I have told him countless times not to leave his shoes in the hallway.


Summary: countless in Brief

'Countless' [ˈkaʊntləs] means too many to be counted, often referring to a large and unquantifiable number. It can be used to describe time, possibilities, or occurrences, as in 'He spent countless hours working on his thesis.' 'Countless' is synonymous with 'innumerable' and 'uncountable,' and antonymous with 'limited' and 'countable.'

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