created Definition

  • 1to make something new, or invent something
  • 2to cause something to exist, or bring something into existence

Using created: Examples

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  • Example

    She created a beautiful painting.

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    The company was created in 1995.

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    He created a new recipe for the restaurant.

created Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with created

  • to cause a lot of interest or excitement


    The new product launch created a stir in the market.

  • to make people think or feel a certain way about something or someone


    Her confident demeanor created a good impression on the interview panel.

  • to do something that leads to unintended negative consequences


    The government's decision to cut funding for education has created a monster in the form of a poorly educated workforce.


Summary: created in Brief

The verb 'created' [kriˈeɪtɪd] means to make something new or bring something into existence. It can refer to artistic works like paintings or inventions like recipes, as well as companies and other entities. Phrases like 'create a stir' and 'create an impression' describe the impact of creating something, while 'create a monster' refers to unintended negative consequences.