develop Definition

  • 1to grow or cause something to grow and become more advanced, mature, or elaborate
  • 2to start to exist or happen gradually
  • 3to create something over a period of time

Using develop: Examples

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  • Example

    She is trying to develop her skills in photography.

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    The company is developing a new product line.

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    The situation developed into a crisis.

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    The city has developed rapidly in recent years.

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    He developed a new theory on the origin of the universe.

develop Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using develop

  • to suddenly become nervous or afraid to do something that one had planned or agreed to do


    He was supposed to give a speech, but he developed cold feet and backed out at the last minute.

  • to start to have romantic feelings for someone


    She developed a crush on her coworker after working together on a project.

  • to establish a good relationship with someone based on mutual trust and understanding


    The teacher worked hard to develop a rapport with her students.

Phrases with develop

  • to start to like something after trying it several times


    I never used to like olives, but I've developed a taste for them.

  • to work on and improve one's abilities and talents


    She enrolled in a music school to develop her potential as a pianist.

  • to start doing something regularly until it becomes a habit


    He developed a habit of going for a run every morning.

Origins of develop

from Old French 'desveloper', meaning 'unwrap, unfurl, unveil; reveal the meaning of, explain'


Summary: develop in Brief

The verb 'develop' [dɪˈvɛləp] refers to growth, advancement, and creation. It can denote the growth of skills, products, situations, and theories, as in 'She is trying to develop her skills in photography,' 'The company is developing a new product line,' and 'He developed a new theory on the origin of the universe.' 'Develop' also extends into phrases like 'develop a taste for,' and idioms like 'develop cold feet,' denoting nervousness or fear, and 'develop a rapport,' implying a good relationship.

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