crested Definition

  • 1having a crest or crests
  • 2having a distinctive plume or feathers on the head
  • 3reaching the highest point or level

Using crested: Examples

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  • Example

    The crested bird perched on the branch.

  • Example

    The knight wore a helmet with a crested plume.

  • Example

    The wave crested and crashed onto the shore.

  • Example

    The mountain range is crested with snow.

crested Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for crested

Phrases with crested

  • a species of gecko that has a crest of skin that runs from its head to its tail


    The crested gecko is a popular pet among reptile enthusiasts.

  • crested tit

    a small bird with a distinctive crest on its head


    The crested tit is native to the forests of Europe and Asia.

  • a type of penguin that has a distinctive yellow crest on its head


    The crested penguin is found in the sub-Antarctic region.


Summary: crested in Brief

The term 'crested' [ˈkrɛstɪd] describes something that has a crest, such as a bird or a wave. It can also mean reaching the highest point or level, as in 'The mountain range is crested with snow.' 'Crested' extends into phrases like 'crested gecko,' and synonyms like 'crowned,' and 'topped.'

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