curtain Definition

a piece of cloth or other material that is hung to cover a window or opening, to hide something, or to divide a room.

Using curtain: Examples

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    She drew the curtains to block out the sunlight.

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    The stage curtains opened to reveal the actors.

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    The curtains on the window were made of silk.

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    He pulled back the curtain to reveal the surprise.

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Idioms Using curtain

  • death, especially when it is seen as the end of a performance


    After a long battle with cancer, he finally took his final bow and the final curtain fell.

  • an appearance by performers at the end of a performance to receive applause from the audience


    The audience gave the cast a standing ovation during the curtain call.

  • a situation or event that is kept secret or hidden from view


    The company's financial troubles were hidden behind a drawn curtain until it was too late.

Phrases with curtain

  • in a position where one can observe but not be seen


    The magician performed his tricks behind the curtain.

  • to close the curtains


    Could you please draw the curtains? The sun is too bright.

  • to begin a performance or event


    The orchestra raised the curtain and began to play.

Origins of curtain

from Old French 'cortine', from Latin 'cortina', meaning 'a curtain'


Summary: curtain in Brief

A 'curtain' [ˈkɜːtn] is a piece of cloth or material used to cover a window or opening, hide something, or divide a room. It can be made of various materials such as silk or cotton. Phrases like 'behind the curtain' and 'raise the curtain' are used to describe positions or events. Idioms like 'the final curtain' and 'a curtain call' refer to death and a performance's end, respectively.

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