daughter Definition

a female child in relation to her parents.

Using daughter: Examples

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    She is my daughter.

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    The couple has two daughters and a son.

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    My daughter is studying medicine at university.

daughter Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for daughter

Phrases with daughter

  • only/elder/younger daughter

    the only/oldest/youngest female child in a family


    As the only daughter, she was expected to take over the family business.

  • daughter-in-law

    the wife of one's son


    My daughter-in-law is a doctor.

  • daddy's/mommy's little daughter

    a daughter who is especially close to her father/mother


    She's always been daddy's little daughter, and he spoils her rotten.


Summary: daughter in Brief

A 'daughter' [ˈdɔːtə(r)] is a female child in relation to her parents. It can be used to refer to the only, oldest, or youngest female child in a family, as well as the wife of one's son, known as a daughter-in-law. 'Daughter' is a formal term for a female child.

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