debase Definition

  • 1reduce (something) in quality or value; degrade
  • 2lower the moral character of (someone)

Using debase: Examples

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    The company's decision to use cheap materials debased the product.

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    His behavior debased his reputation among his colleagues.

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    The politician's lies debased the integrity of the election.

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    The comedian's jokes debased the audience's intelligence.

debase Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with debase

  • to act in a way that lowers one's dignity or self-respect


    He debased himself by groveling for the job.

  • to reduce the value of a currency by reducing the amount of precious metal in its coins or notes


    The government was accused of debasing the currency by printing too much money.

  • to lower the level of discourse or conversation


    The shouting match between the candidates debased the tone of the debate.

Origins of debase

from Old French 'debas', meaning 'to lower'


Summary: debase in Brief

To 'debase' [dɪˈbeɪs] is to reduce the quality or value of something, as in 'The company's decision to use cheap materials debased the product.' It can also refer to lowering the moral character of someone, as in 'His behavior debased his reputation among his colleagues.' 'Debase' extends into phrases like 'debase oneself,' and 'debase the tone,' denoting a lowering of dignity or discourse.