debilitated Definition

  • 1weakened or made less effective
  • 2impaired the strength of

Using debilitated: Examples

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    The patient was debilitated by the disease.

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    The company's finances were debilitated by the recession.

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    The team was debilitated by injuries to key players.

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Summary: debilitated in Brief

'Debilitated' [dɪˈbɪlɪteɪtɪd] means weakened or made less effective, often due to illness, injury, or other factors. It is used to describe a person, organization, or system that has lost strength or effectiveness, as in 'The patient was debilitated by the disease.' 'Debilitated' has synonyms like 'enfeebled,' 'impaired,' and 'disabled,' and antonyms like 'strengthened,' 'invigorated,' and 'energized.'