debris Definition

scattered pieces of waste or remains.

Using debris: Examples

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    The streets were littered with debris after the storm.

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    The explosion left debris scattered across the area.

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    The construction site was filled with debris from the demolition.

debris Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for debris

Phrases with debris

  • man-made objects in orbit around the Earth that no longer serve a useful purpose


    Space debris poses a significant threat to functioning satellites and spacecraft.

  • a type of landslide characterized by the rapid movement of loose, water-saturated debris down a slope


    The debris flow caused extensive damage to the surrounding area.

  • an area where debris from a crash or explosion is scattered


    The search and rescue team combed through the debris field looking for survivors.

Origins of debris

from French 'débris', meaning 'remains, waste'


Summary: debris in Brief

'Debris' [dəˈbriː] refers to scattered waste or remains. It can be seen in various contexts such as natural disasters, construction sites, and space exploration. Examples include 'The explosion left debris scattered across the area.' and 'The construction site was filled with debris from the demolition.' Phrases like 'space debris' and 'debris flow' are also used to describe specific types of debris.