definite Definition

  • 1clearly stated or decided; not vague or doubtful
  • 2having exact and discernible physical limits or form

Using definite: Examples

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    We need a definite answer by tomorrow.

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    There is no definite proof that he committed the crime.

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    The painting has a definite style.

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    The team has a definite advantage in this game.

definite Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for definite

Phrases with definite

  • the word 'the', used before a noun to indicate that the noun refers to a particular person or thing


    In the sentence 'The cat is on the mat', 'the' is a definite article.

  • a type of integral in calculus that has specific limits of integration


    The definite integral of f(x) from a to b is denoted by ∫(a to b) f(x) dx.

  • having a distinct and recognizable form or outline


    The crystals have a definite shape and can be easily identified.

Origins of definite

from Latin 'definitus', meaning 'limited, defined'


Summary: definite in Brief

The term 'definite' [ˈdɛfənɪt] describes something that is clearly stated or decided, without vagueness or doubt. It can also refer to something with exact physical limits or form, as in 'The painting has a definite style.' 'Definite' is often used in phrases like 'definite article' and 'definite integral,' which have specific meanings in grammar and mathematics, respectively.

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