dehydrating Definition

  • 1to remove water or moisture from (something), typically in order to preserve it
  • 2to lose water or moisture; become dry

Using dehydrating: Examples

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    Dehydrating fruits and vegetables is a common method of preservation.

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    The hot weather is dehydrating me quickly.

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    The saltwater is dehydrating the seaweed.

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    The process of dehydrating meat can take several hours.

dehydrating Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for dehydrating

Phrases with dehydrating

  • food that has been preserved by removing its water content


    I always bring dehydrated food when I go camping.

  • a headache caused by dehydration


    After hiking for hours without drinking water, I got a dehydration headache.

  • dehydration symptoms

    symptoms that occur when the body loses too much water


    Some dehydration symptoms include thirst, dry mouth, and fatigue.


Summary: dehydrating in Brief

'Dehydrating' [dee-hahy-drey-ting] refers to the process of removing water or moisture from something, often for preservation purposes. It can also describe the loss of water or moisture from a person or thing, as in 'The hot weather is dehydrating me quickly.' Phrases like 'dehydration headache' and 'dehydration symptoms' describe the negative effects of losing too much water.