headache Definition

  • 1a continuous pain in the head
  • 2a problem or difficulty that causes worry or stress

Using headache: Examples

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  • Example

    I have a terrible headache.

  • Example

    Studying for exams gives me a headache.

  • Example

    The traffic jam was a real headache.

  • Example

    Dealing with bureaucracy is always a headache.

headache Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for headache

Phrases with headache

  • to cause someone problems or difficulties


    The new regulations are giving us a headache.

  • a very severe headache


    After working all day in front of the computer, I had a splitting headache.

  • to take medication to relieve a headache


    I need to take a headache pill before I can concentrate on my work.


Summary: headache in Brief

A 'headache' [ˈhɛd.eɪk] is a continuous pain in the head. It can also refer to a problem or difficulty that causes worry or stress. Examples include 'I have a terrible headache' and 'The traffic jam was a real headache.' Phrases like 'give someone a headache' and 'take a headache pill' are common.

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