pill Definition

  • 1a small round mass of solid medicine to be swallowed whole
  • 2a small ball of any substance, especially one of a particular color or composition

Using pill: Examples

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  • Example

    She took a pill for her headache.

  • Example

    The doctor prescribed some pills for his anxiety.

  • Example

    He has to take two pills a day for his blood pressure.

  • Example

    The candy store had a jar of colorful pills.

pill Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with pill

  • an unpleasant fact or situation that is difficult to accept


    It was a bitter pill to swallow when he found out he didn't get the job.

  • sugar-coated pill

    something that is made more pleasant or acceptable than it really is


    The boss tried to make the bad news into a sugar-coated pill, but everyone knew it was still bad news.

  • a contraceptive pill taken orally by women to prevent pregnancy


    She started taking the pill after she got married.


Summary: pill in Brief

A 'pill' [pɪl] is a small, round mass of solid medicine meant to be swallowed whole. It can also refer to a small ball of any substance, such as a candy. Phrases like 'bitter pill' and 'sugar-coated pill' describe unpleasant or difficult situations, while 'the pill' refers to a contraceptive taken orally by women.

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