demonstrable Definition

  • 1able to be shown or proven
  • 2clearly apparent or obvious

Using demonstrable: Examples

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    The benefits of the new policy are demonstrable.

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    There is no demonstrable evidence to support his claim.

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    The company has a demonstrable commitment to sustainability.

demonstrable Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with demonstrable

  • demonstrable skills

    skills that can be proven or shown through experience or qualifications


    She has demonstrable skills in project management and team leadership.

  • an effect that can be clearly observed or measured


    The new drug has a demonstrable effect on reducing symptoms.

  • an improvement that can be clearly shown or proven


    The changes to the curriculum have led to demonstrable improvements in student performance.

Origins of demonstrable

from Latin 'demonstrabilis', from 'demonstrare' meaning 'to point out'


Summary: demonstrable in Brief

The term 'demonstrable' [ˈdɛmənstrəbəl] refers to something that can be shown or proven, or is clearly apparent or obvious. It is often used to describe skills, effects, or improvements that can be clearly observed or measured. Examples include 'The benefits of the new policy are demonstrable,' and 'She has demonstrable skills in project management.'