den Definition

  • 1a wild animal's lair or habitation, especially that of a fox.
  • 2a room in a house where people can pursue activities in private.
  • 3a small, comfortable room in a pub, typically one where a group of people can meet and drink in private.

Using den: Examples

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  • Example

    The fox made its den under the tree.

  • Example

    He retreated to his den to work on his novel.

  • Example

    We rented a private den in the pub for our party.

den Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with den

  • lion's den

    a place or situation full of danger or difficulty


    He knew he was walking into the lion's den when he confronted the boss about the pay cut.

  • bear's den

    a place where someone or something is protected or hidden away


    The basement was his bear's den, where he could escape from the world and relax.

  • snake's den

    a place where evil or dangerous people gather


    The abandoned warehouse had become a snake's den for drug dealers and criminals.

Origins of den

Old English 'denn', meaning 'a hollow'


Summary: den in Brief

A 'den' [den] can refer to a wild animal's lair, a private room in a house, or a small room in a pub where people can drink and socialize. Examples include 'The fox made its den under the tree,' 'He retreated to his den to work on his novel,' and 'We rented a private den in the pub for our party.' Phrases like 'lion's den' and 'bear's den' denote dangerous or protective situations.

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