detach Definition

to separate something from something larger or from a group, or to become separated.

Using detach: Examples

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    Detach the bottom part of the form and keep it for your records.

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    The trailer can be detached from the car.

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    It's hard to detach myself from work when I'm at home.

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    She tried to detach herself from the group and go her own way.

detach Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for detach

Phrases with detach

  • to stop being aware of what is happening around you and start thinking in a way that is not practical or reasonable


    He seems to have detached himself from reality and is living in his own world.

  • parts of a machine or object that can be removed and replaced


    The camera has several detachable parts that can be replaced if they break.

  • detachable collar

    a collar that can be removed from a shirt or dress


    She wore a detachable collar with her dress to make it look more formal.

Origins of detach

from Old French 'destachier', meaning 'to unfasten'


Summary: detach in Brief

To 'detach' [dɪˈtætʃ] means to separate something from a larger group or to become separated. It can refer to physical objects, such as 'The trailer can be detached from the car,' or to emotional states, such as 'It's hard to detach myself from work when I'm at home.' The term also extends to phrases like 'detachable parts,' referring to machine components that can be removed, and 'detachable collar,' a type of clothing accessory.

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