detailed Definition

thoroughly and carefully describing or explaining something.

Using detailed: Examples

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    The report provides a detailed analysis of the situation.

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    She gave me a detailed account of her trip to Europe.

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    The instructions were very detailed and easy to follow.

detailed Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with detailed

  • detailed-oriented

    a person who pays close attention to small details and is meticulous in their work


    The job requires someone who is detailed-oriented and can spot errors easily.

  • a map that shows a lot of information about a particular area, including streets, buildings, and landmarks


    We used a detailed map to navigate through the city.

  • detailed instructions

    instructions that provide a lot of information and are easy to follow


    The recipe came with detailed instructions on how to make the cake.


Summary: detailed in Brief

The term 'detailed' [ˈdiːteɪld] describes something that is thoroughly and carefully described or explained. It is often used to refer to reports, accounts, or instructions that provide a lot of information and are easy to follow. 'Detailed' is synonymous with 'elaborate,' 'comprehensive,' and 'meticulous,' and antonymous with 'vague,' 'general,' and 'imprecise.'