disallow Definition

  • 1refuse to allow; reject
  • 2forbid something by law or authority

Using disallow: Examples

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  • Example

    The teacher disallowed the use of calculators during the exam.

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    The court disallowed the evidence presented by the defense.

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    The company disallowed any further changes to the project plan.

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    The new policy disallows smoking in all public areas.

disallow Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with disallow

  • the rejection of an insurance claim by the insurer


    The disallowance of my claim was due to the fact that I did not submit the required documents.

  • disallowable expenses

    expenses that are not allowed as deductions for tax purposes


    The accountant informed me that some of my expenses were disallowable and could not be claimed on my tax return.

  • a cost that is not allowed to be charged to a project or contract


    The auditor found that some of the costs charged to the project were disallowable and should be removed from the invoice.


Summary: disallow in Brief

The verb 'disallow' [ˌdɪsəˈlaʊ] means to refuse to allow or reject something, or to forbid it by law or authority. It is often used in legal or official contexts, such as 'The court disallowed the evidence presented by the defense.' 'Disallow' can also refer to specific terms like 'disallowable expenses,' which are not allowed as deductions for tax purposes.