discernible Definition

  • 1able to be seen, heard, or noticed
  • 2able to be distinguished or differentiated

Using discernible: Examples

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  • Example

    There was no discernible difference between the two products.

  • Example

    The sound of the waves was barely discernible in the distance.

  • Example

    The changes in the painting were not discernible to the naked eye.

  • Example

    The company's strategy was not discernible from its public statements.

discernible Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with discernible

  • difficult to see, hear, or notice


    The writing on the old parchment was barely discernible.

  • a noticeable or distinguishable difference


    There was a discernible difference in the quality of the two products.

  • a recognizable or identifiable pattern


    After analyzing the data, a discernible pattern emerged.

Origins of discernible

from Latin 'discernibilis', from 'discernere', meaning 'to separate'


Summary: discernible in Brief

'Discernible' [dɪˈsɜː.nə.bəl] means something that can be seen, heard, or noticed, or something that can be distinguished or differentiated. It is often used to describe differences or changes that are difficult to perceive, as in 'The changes in the painting were not discernible to the naked eye.' 'Discernible' is synonymous with 'perceptible,' 'noticeable,' and 'detectable,' and antonymous with 'indiscernible,' 'undetectable,' and 'imperceptible.'