disciplinary Definition

  • 1relating to the punishment of people who break rules or laws
  • 2relating to the training that someone receives to obey rules and orders

Using disciplinary: Examples

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    The company has a strict disciplinary policy.

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    The school's disciplinary committee is responsible for enforcing the rules.

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    He received a disciplinary action for his misconduct.

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    The military has a rigorous disciplinary system.

disciplinary Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for disciplinary

Phrases with disciplinary

  • the measures taken by an organization to punish or correct unacceptable behavior


    The employee was given a written warning as a disciplinary action for his tardiness.

  • a formal meeting held by an organization to investigate and determine whether an employee has violated company policies or procedures


    The teacher was called to a disciplinary hearing after being accused of inappropriate behavior towards a student.

  • a set of steps or actions taken by an organization to address and resolve issues related to employee misconduct or poor performance


    The company's disciplinary procedure includes verbal warnings, written warnings, and suspension before termination.

Origins of disciplinary

from Latin 'disciplinarius', meaning 'of a disciple'


Summary: disciplinary in Brief

The term 'disciplinary' [ˌdɪsəˈplɪnəri] refers to punishment or training related to rule-breaking. It can describe policies, committees, actions, or systems, such as 'The company has a strict disciplinary policy.' 'Disciplinary' extends into phrases like 'disciplinary action,' which refers to measures taken to correct behavior, and 'disciplinary hearing,' which is a formal meeting to investigate violations.

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