disfigure Definition

to spoil or damage the appearance of something or someone, especially their face, permanently.

Using disfigure: Examples

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    The accident disfigured her face.

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    The graffiti disfigured the building's facade.

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    The statue was disfigured by vandals.

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    The disease disfigured his hands.

disfigure Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with disfigure

  • the act of damaging someone's reputation or character


    The false accusations led to the disfigurement of his character.

  • self-disfigurement

    the act of intentionally harming one's own appearance, often as a symptom of mental illness


    Self-disfigurement is a serious issue that requires professional help.

  • financial compensation for damages caused by disfigurement, often in legal cases


    The court awarded him disfigurement compensation for the injuries sustained in the accident.

Origins of disfigure

from Old French 'desfigurer', from Latin 'dis-' (apart) + 'figura' (form)


Summary: disfigure in Brief

'Disfigure' [dɪsˈfɪɡər] means to permanently damage the appearance of something or someone, especially their face. It can be caused by accidents, vandalism, or diseases, and often requires professional help. Examples include 'The accident disfigured her face.' and 'The disease disfigured his hands.' 'Disfigure' has formal synonyms like 'deform' and 'deface,' and informal ones like 'mess up' and 'ruin.'