character Definition

  • 1the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual
  • 2a person in a novel, play, or film
  • 3a printed or written letter or symbol

Using character: Examples

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  • Example

    She has a strong character and always stands up for what she believes in.

  • Example

    The main character in the book is a young girl named Alice.

  • Example

    The word 'apple' starts with the character 'a'.

  • Example

    He has a unique character that sets him apart from everyone else.

character Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using character

  • to have interesting or unique qualities that make something or someone appealing


    This old house may need some repairs, but it has a lot of character.

  • having admirable moral qualities


    The school only admits students who are of good character.

  • to doubt or challenge someone's moral qualities or integrity


    The scandal called into question the CEO's character and led to his resignation.

Phrases with character

  • behaving in a way that is typical of one's personality or role


    Even when he's acting, he stays in character the whole time.

  • behaving in a way that is not typical of one's personality or role


    It was out of character for her to be so rude to the waiter.

  • to develop qualities such as determination, courage, and resilience through difficult experiences


    Going on a camping trip can help build character in children.

Origins of character

from Greek 'kharaktēr', meaning 'a stamping tool'


Summary: character in Brief

The term 'character' [ˈkærəktər] refers to the mental and moral qualities that distinguish individuals, as well as to printed or written letters or symbols. It can also denote a person in a work of fiction. Phrases like 'in character' and 'out of character' describe typical or atypical behavior, while idioms like 'have a lot of character' and 'of good character' denote admirable qualities. 'Character' can also be used to describe the unique qualities of a place or object.

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