build Definition

  • 1to construct something by putting parts or materials together
  • 2to develop or improve a skill, ability, or relationship over time
  • 3to increase or strengthen something, such as a reputation or confidence

Using build: Examples

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  • Example

    They are building a new house on the corner lot.

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    The company is building a new factory in the outskirts of the city.

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    She has been building her career for years.

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    He is trying to build a better relationship with his children.

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    The athlete is building up his endurance for the upcoming competition.

build Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using build

  • build castles in the air

    to have unrealistic or impractical dreams or plans


    He's always building castles in the air and never takes action to make them a reality.

  • build bridges

    to establish or improve relationships between people or groups who are not getting along


    The politician promised to build bridges between the two opposing parties.

  • to create barriers or divisions between people or groups


    His negative comments about immigrants only serve to build walls between different communities.

Phrases with build

  • to use something as a basis for further development or improvement


    We can build on the success of our previous project to create an even better one.

  • build up

    to gradually increase or make something stronger


    She needs to build up her strength before she can return to work.

  • to incorporate something as an integral part of something else


    The architect wants to build a garden into the design of the building.

Origins of build

from Old English 'byldan', meaning 'to construct'


Summary: build in Brief

The verb 'build' [bɪld] refers to constructing something by assembling parts or materials, developing or improving a skill or relationship over time, or increasing or strengthening something. Examples include 'They are building a new house on the corner lot,' and 'She has been building her career for years.' Phrases like 'build on' and idioms like 'build bridges' denote further development or improvement and establishing or improving relationships, respectively.

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