dishevel Definition

  • 1to make someone's hair or appearance untidy
  • 2to throw into disorder

Using dishevel: Examples

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  • Example

    The wind had disheveled her hair.

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    He looked as if he had been disheveled by a hurricane.

  • Example

    She emerged from the car, disheveled and exhausted.

  • Example

    The room was disheveled and cluttered.

dishevel Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for dishevel

Antonyms for dishevel

Phrases with dishevel

  • hair that is messy and unkempt


    She woke up with disheveled hair.

  • disheveled clothes

    clothes that are wrinkled and untidy


    He arrived at the meeting with disheveled clothes.

  • an overall look that is untidy and unkempt


    After the long flight, she had a disheveled appearance.

Origins of dishevel

from Old French 'descheveler', meaning 'to disarrange the hair'


Summary: dishevel in Brief

'Dishevel' [dɪˈʃɛvəl] is a verb that means to make someone's hair or appearance untidy or to throw into disorder. It can be used to describe a person's appearance, as in 'She emerged from the car, disheveled and exhausted,' or the state of a room, as in 'The room was disheveled and cluttered.' Synonyms include 'rumple,' 'tousle,' and 'jumble.'