dismantle Definition

  • 1to take apart or pull down (a structure)
  • 2to strip of covering or equipment
  • 3to disassemble or pull apart something into its constituent parts

Using dismantle: Examples

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  • Example

    The old factory was dismantled and replaced with a new one.

  • Example

    She dismantled the engine to see what was wrong with it.

  • Example

    The government is planning to dismantle the nuclear weapons program.

  • Example

    He dismantled the argument with a single sentence.

dismantle Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with dismantle

  • to expose a widely held belief as false or unfounded


    The book aims to dismantle the myth that success is only achieved through hard work.

  • to break up a group of people who have been working together


    The coach decided to dismantle the team after a series of losses.

  • to show that an argument is flawed or incorrect


    The lawyer was able to dismantle the prosecution's case with strong evidence.

Origins of dismantle

from Old French 'desmanteler', meaning 'to tear down the walls of a fortress'


Summary: dismantle in Brief

The verb 'dismantle' [dɪsˈmantl] means to take apart or pull down a structure, strip of covering or equipment, or disassemble something into its constituent parts. It can be used in various contexts, such as taking apart an engine or breaking up a team. The phrase 'dismantle a myth' means to expose a widely held belief as false or unfounded.