disorganization Definition

the state of being disorganized; lack of order or method.

Using disorganization: Examples

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    The disorganization of the office made it difficult to find anything.

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    The disorganization of the event caused many problems.

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    The disorganization of the team led to their defeat.

disorganization Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with disorganization

  • a state of mind characterized by a lack of organization and planning, often resulting in chaos and confusion


    His disorganization mania made it impossible for him to keep his life in order.

  • a condition in which a person is unable to maintain order and structure in their life, often leading to difficulties in personal and professional relationships


    Her disorganization syndrome made it hard for her to keep up with her work and responsibilities.

  • a mental state characterized by confusion and a lack of coherence in one's thinking


    His disorganization of thought made it difficult for him to express himself clearly.


Summary: disorganization in Brief

The term 'disorganization' [ˌdɪsɔːrɡənaɪˈzeɪʃən] refers to the state of being disorganized, lacking order or method. It can be seen in various contexts, such as the disorganization of an office or event, or the disorganization of a team leading to their defeat. Phrases like 'disorganization mania' and 'disorganization syndrome' describe states of mind or conditions where a person struggles to maintain order and structure. 'Disorganization of thought' refers to a mental state characterized by confusion and a lack of coherence in one's thinking.