dispensable Definition

  • 1able to be replaced or done without; not necessary.
  • 2capable of being dispensed with or done away with

Using dispensable: Examples

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  • Example

    The company found that some employees were dispensable and laid them off.

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    The extra features on the car are nice, but they are dispensable.

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    The committee decided that the project was dispensable and cut its funding.

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Summary: dispensable in Brief

The term 'dispensable' [dɪˈspɛnsəbəl] refers to something that is not necessary and can be done without. It is often used in the context of employees, features, or projects that can be replaced or eliminated. 'Dispensable' is an adjective that has synonyms like 'unnecessary' and 'expendable,' and antonyms like 'indispensable' and 'vital.'