vital Definition

  • 1absolutely necessary or important; essential
  • 2full of energy and life; lively

Using vital: Examples

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    It is vital that we finish this project on time.

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    Water is vital for human survival.

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    The heart is a vital organ.

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    She has a vital role in the company.

vital Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using vital

  • the life and soul (of the party)

    a person who is energetic, entertaining, and the center of attention at a social gathering


    She was the life and soul of the party, telling jokes and dancing all night long.

  • the most important element or component that keeps something functioning or alive


    Education is the lifeblood of a society, providing knowledge and skills to its citizens.

  • a lifestyle characterized by excitement, risk-taking, and high-speed activity


    He enjoyed life in the fast lane, driving sports cars and traveling to exotic locations.

Phrases with vital

  • basic medical indicators of life, including body temperature, pulse rate, respiration rate, and blood pressure


    The nurse checked the patient's vital signs every hour.

  • vital force

    a hypothetical energy or force that animates living things and gives them their characteristic properties


    Some alternative medicine practitioners believe in the concept of vital force.

  • vital statistics

    data related to births, deaths, marriages, and other life events, used for demographic analysis


    The government collects vital statistics from all over the country.

Origins of vital

from Latin 'vitalis', meaning 'of or belonging to life'


Summary: vital in Brief

The adjective 'vital' [ˈvaɪtl] denotes something that is absolutely necessary or important, as in 'It is vital that we finish this project on time.' It can also describe something full of energy and life, as in 'She has a vital role in the company.' 'Vital' extends into phrases like 'vital signs,' which are basic medical indicators of life, and idioms like 'the life and soul (of the party),' denoting an energetic and entertaining person.

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