dissimilarity Definition

  • 1the quality or state of being dissimilar; unlikeness
  • 2a point of difference

Using dissimilarity: Examples

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  • Example

    The dissimilarity between the two paintings is striking.

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    The dissimilarity in their personalities made it difficult for them to get along.

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    The dissimilarity in their opinions led to a heated argument.

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    The dissimilarity in their backgrounds was evident from the way they spoke.

dissimilarity Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for dissimilarity

Phrases with dissimilarity

  • the differences between cultures, such as customs, beliefs, and values


    The cultural dissimilarity between the two countries made it difficult for them to establish diplomatic relations.

  • the differences between races, such as physical characteristics, culture, and history


    The racial dissimilarity between the two groups resulted in discrimination and prejudice.

  • the differences between genders, such as physical characteristics, behavior, and social roles


    The gender dissimilarity in the workplace has been a topic of discussion for many years.


Summary: dissimilarity in Brief

The term 'dissimilarity' [dɪsˌsɪməˈlærəti] refers to the quality or state of being dissimilar, often used to describe differences between people, things, or ideas. It can be seen in phrases like 'cultural dissimilarity,' 'racial dissimilarity,' and 'gender dissimilarity.' Synonyms include 'difference,' 'discrepancy,' and 'divergence.' Antonyms include 'similarity,' 'likeness,' and 'sameness.'