doom Definition

  • 1death, destruction, or any terrible fate
  • 2a feeling of hopelessness or despair

Using doom: Examples

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    The city was doomed to destruction by the invading army.

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    The company's financial troubles spelled doom for its future.

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    The doctor's grim diagnosis filled her with a sense of doom.

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    The prophecy foretold the doom of the kingdom.

doom Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with doom

  • seal someone's doom

    to do something that ensures someone's failure or downfall


    His reckless behavior sealed his doom and he lost everything.

  • certain to fail or be unsuccessful


    Their plan was flawed from the beginning and was doomed to failure.

  • doom and gloom

    a feeling of pessimism or negativity, often without good reason


    Despite the positive news, she always sees things through a lens of doom and gloom.

Origins of doom

from Old English 'dom', meaning 'judgment, law'


Summary: doom in Brief

The term 'doom' [duːm] refers to death, destruction, or any terrible fate, as well as a feeling of hopelessness or despair. It can describe a city, company, or individual, as in 'The city was doomed to destruction by the invading army.' 'Doom' extends into phrases like 'seal someone's doom,' and 'doomed to failure,' denoting certain failure, and 'doom and gloom,' implying a negative outlook.

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