driving Definition

  • 1operating or controlling a vehicle
  • 2having a strong and determined desire to achieve something

Using driving: Examples

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  • Example

    He was driving too fast on the highway.

  • Example

    She is taking driving lessons.

  • Example

    His driving ambition is to become a successful businessman.

  • Example

    The driving force behind his success is his determination.

driving Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with driving

  • a practical examination of a person's ability to drive a motor vehicle


    I passed my driving test on the first attempt.

  • an area where golfers can practice their swings and shots


    He spends every Saturday morning at the driving range.

  • driving force

    the main factor or motivation behind something


    Her passion for music was the driving force behind her decision to become a professional musician.


Summary: driving in Brief

The term 'driving' [ˈdraɪvɪŋ] refers to operating or controlling a vehicle, as in 'She is taking driving lessons.' It also denotes a strong and determined desire to achieve something, as in 'His driving ambition is to become a successful businessman.' Phrases like 'driving test' and 'driving range' are specific to the context of driving, while 'driving force' extends to any situation where a main factor or motivation is present.

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