dwindle Definition

  • 1to become gradually less or smaller
  • 2to shrink or waste away

Using dwindle: Examples

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  • Example

    The river dwindled to a trickle during the drought.

  • Example

    Her savings dwindled down to nothing after she lost her job.

  • Example

    The company's profits have dwindled in recent years.

  • Example

    The number of participants in the event dwindled as the day went on.

dwindle Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with dwindle

  • to disappear or diminish gradually over time


    His fortune dwindled away after he made some bad investments.

  • to decrease or reduce gradually in number or amount


    The crowd dwindled down to just a few people by the end of the concert.

  • to decrease or disappear completely


    Their hopes of winning the championship dwindled to nothing after they lost their last game.

Origins of dwindle

from Middle English 'dwinden', meaning 'to waste away'


Summary: dwindle in Brief

'Dwindle' [ˈdwɪndl] means to gradually decrease or shrink, often leading to disappearance. It can refer to anything from natural resources to financial assets, as in 'Her savings dwindled down to nothing after she lost her job.' 'Dwindle' is often used in phrases like 'dwindle away' and 'dwindle down,' which describe gradual reduction or disappearance.