eat Definition

  • 1to put food into your mouth and swallow it
  • 2to have a meal
  • 3to corrode or erode something

Using eat: Examples

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  • Example

    I eat breakfast at 7 am every day.

  • Example

    She likes to eat sushi for lunch.

  • Example

    The acid rain is eating away at the metal roof.

  • Example

    He ate up all of his opponent's arguments.

eat Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for eat

Idioms Using eat

  • to eat a lot of food


    My teenage son eats like a horse and never gains weight.

  • to criticize or attack someone severely


    If you make a mistake in front of the boss, she will eat you alive.

  • eat one's words

    to retract something one has said, especially if it was critical or negative


    After seeing the final product, he had to eat his words and admit that the designer did a great job.

Phrases with eat

  • to have a meal in a restaurant or outside of one's home


    We decided to eat out tonight instead of cooking at home.

  • eat up

    to consume all of something, especially food


    The kids ate up all the cookies I baked for them.

  • to admit that you were wrong and apologize


    After realizing his mistake, he had to eat humble pie and apologize to his boss.

Origins of eat

from Old English 'etan'


Summary: eat in Brief

The verb 'eat' [iːt] refers to the act of putting food into one's mouth and swallowing it. It can also mean having a meal or corroding something. Examples include 'I eat breakfast at 7 am every day.' and 'The acid rain is eating away at the metal roof.' Phrases like 'eat out' and idioms like 'eat like a horse' extend the concept of eating.

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