edifice Definition

  • 1a large, impressive building
  • 2a complex system of beliefs

Using edifice: Examples

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  • Example

    The cathedral is a magnificent edifice.

  • Example

    The edifice of Western democracy rests on the principles of freedom and equality.

  • Example

    The company's corporate edifice was built on a culture of innovation and collaboration.

edifice Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with edifice

  • the structure of political power and authority in a society


    The overthrow of the dictator led to the collapse of the entire political edifice.

  • a complex system of ideas or theories


    The philosopher's intellectual edifice was based on the concept of individual freedom.

  • an excessive attachment to grandiose buildings or structures


    The billionaire's edifice complex led him to build a massive mansion with dozens of rooms.

Origins of edifice

from Latin 'aedificium', meaning 'building'


Summary: edifice in Brief

The term 'edifice' [ˈedɪfɪs] refers to a large and impressive building, such as a cathedral or monument. It can also refer to a complex system of beliefs, such as the edifice of Western democracy. The phrase 'political edifice' refers to the structure of political power and authority in a society, while 'intellectual edifice' refers to a complex system of ideas or theories.