endless Definition

  • 1having or seeming to have no end, limit, or conclusion
  • 2continuing indefinitely without stopping

Using endless: Examples

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  • Example

    The desert seemed to stretch on endlessly.

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    The teacher gave us an endless list of homework assignments.

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    The party went on endlessly into the night.

endless Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with endless

  • endless possibilities

    a wide range of options or opportunities that seem limitless


    With her talent and creativity, she saw endless possibilities for her future.

  • a period of time that seems to last forever, often used to describe a particularly enjoyable or memorable summer season


    That summer was an endless summer of sunshine, beaches, and good times with friends.

  • a sequence of instructions or events that repeats continuously without end


    The program got stuck in an endless loop and had to be restarted.


Summary: endless in Brief

The term 'endless' [ˈɛndlɪs] refers to something that has no end or limit, or that continues indefinitely. It can describe physical things like deserts or lists, or abstract concepts like time or possibilities. Examples include 'The desert seemed to stretch on endlessly,' and 'The party went on endlessly into the night.' 'Endless' is often paired with phrases like 'endless possibilities' and 'endless summer,' and can be formalized as 'unending' or 'ceaseless.'

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