enterprise Definition

  • 1a project or undertaking, typically one that is difficult or requires effort
  • 2a business or company

Using enterprise: Examples

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    The enterprise of building a new bridge was a massive undertaking.

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    Starting a new enterprise can be risky but rewarding.

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    The company is a leading enterprise in the tech industry.

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    She has shown great enterprise in her work.

enterprise Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for enterprise

Idioms Using enterprise

  • get down to business/enterprise

    to start working seriously on a task or project


    We need to get down to business if we want to finish this project on time.

  • a business or company that is currently operating and making a profit


    The new owners were happy to take over a going enterprise rather than starting from scratch.

  • to cause a business or company to fail


    The recession put many small businesses out of enterprise.

Phrases with enterprise

  • an economic system in which private business operates in competition and largely free of state control.


    The United States is known for its free enterprise system.

  • social enterprise

    a business model that prioritizes social or environmental goals over profits.


    The social enterprise aims to provide affordable housing for low-income families.

  • a business venture or project undertaken by two or more parties.


    The joint enterprise between the two companies proved to be very successful.

Origins of enterprise

from Old French 'enterpris', meaning 'an undertaking'


Summary: enterprise in Brief

The term 'enterprise' [ˈɛntəprʌɪz] refers to a challenging project or undertaking, such as building a bridge, or a business or company. It can also denote initiative and resourcefulness, as in 'She has shown great enterprise in her work.' Phrases like 'free enterprise' and 'social enterprise' describe economic models, while idioms like 'get down to business/enterprise' and 'put something out of enterprise' convey urgency and failure, respectively.

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